Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hell On Wheels - A Bohannan Scorned

Choose hate.
These two simple words from Reverend Cole were all that Cullen Bohannan needed to rationalize the trail of bodies he's left behind over the course of ten episodes. Hell On Wheels has traveled a rocky road since its inception over two months ago, but 'God Of Chaos' made us realize that the journey was worth it!

Ever since Sgt. Harper gave him the slip six episodes ago, Bohannan has given us the illusion that his thirst for vengeance has been enveloped by a new sense of purpose. This purpose being the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad and the goings on at Hell On Wheels. It was only a matter of time before all that apparently pent up rage would reveal itself, and it did so in the most rabid and aggressive fashion. Cullen finally caught up with the final piece of his puzzle, Sgt. Harper. But as it turns out, Harper was innocent, and in a sense I think Cullen knew it as well. But vengeance is indeed blind, and I don't think it has been portrayed better on any other show.

After Reverend Cole transformed into the Hulk last week, Cullen decided to pay the Reverend a visit to try and shed some light on where his own morality stands. The fact that the Reverend was in the process of hiding the beheaded remains of Griggs at the time kind of defeated the whole purpose, but Cullen didn't know that! Cole's twisted advice for Bohannan was probably the final push he needed to go off the deep end, or maybe he just needed an excuse to justify the path he has already chosen. Now that Cullen is an outlaw on the run, it's a little puzzling to try and speculate where the show goes from here.

We all know how the series of events in this episode began. The Swede has been botching up his own plans for a while now. If there was any actual justice seen in this episode, it was when we saw the feather covered Swede running away from an angry mob of merchants and workers spearheaded by the McGinnes brothers. The Swede has 'shed' all his awesomeness for the time being! At least we'll see him again in season two (we will, won't we??)

Durant was completely focused on Lily this entire episode. Lily and Cullen's obvious chemistry could be seen for miles, and Durant tried and failed multiple times to charm his way into Lily's line of sight, literally! Did you notice the two during the dance? Lily could have been dancing with an oversized potato and it wouldn't have made a difference.

Hell On Wheels is an abundant source of flawed individuals. But in the end, Elam 'Fathead' Ferguson turned out to be the biggest dick of them all. His conversation with Psalms made it clear that money and power can indeed change the best of us. Now, with no Bohannan to back him up (who has problems of his own) and no Eva, Elam has also become the biggest loser of season one.


- Hats off to the Gayton brothers for giving us this brilliant show. Thanks, dudes!
- The conversation between Durant and The Swede was hilarious. Especially the part about The Swede's wife stealing his 'kewkew' clock!
- What's up with Reverend Cole's hair? It seemed to be in the process of flying south for the winter.

This was an unfairly short season, and I honestly believe this show still hasn't been given a proper chance to fully extend itself. Nevertheless, there's always season two.
The Bohannanator will be back!