Saturday, January 14, 2012

Supernatural - Sweet Merciful Awesome!

Are you still reeling from Bobby's death? I know I am. But in the Supernatural universe, the bad guys (whether they're ghosts, demons, angels, leviathans, or even gods) don't wait around for anyone. It was business as usual for Sam and Dean this week. And this episode had enough juice to confirm that our boys have got their rhythm back!

It has almost become second nature for the brothers to resolve life threatening situations by the seat of their pants. But it's been a while since we've seen them work a case with the same Gung-Ho obstinacy they are so well known for. 'Time After Time After Time' was a one-off episode that re-established their groove and now it's safe to say Sam and Dean can start cracking some Leviathan skulls, or at the very least, pour borax down their throats.

Let's face it. The majority of the angels and gods that Sam and Dean have encountered so far have been dicks. In tonight's episode, the boys found themselves on the trail of Chronos, the God Of Time (played by Veronica Mars' Jason Dohring) who's been killing people in groups of three to fuel his ability to travel back in time to 1944, to be with the woman he loves. While Chronos was in the process of sucking the life force (which is apparently red in color. Who knew??) out of some unfortunate goop, Dean speared the unsuspecting god, sending them both back to 1944.

I love what the writers did with this episode! Dean's first meeting with Eliot Ness was awesome. The revelation that Ness himself was a hunter just made it all gel together brilliantly. It didn't take long for Dean to immerse himself into the 1940s. He almost seemed comfortable there! For the short time they worked together, Dean and Ness made quite the team. I know it's a long shot, but wouldn't it be cool for Eliot Ness to make another appearance on the show? I just think he'd make a nice addition to the cast.
I can dream can't I??

Another interesting aspect about tonight's episode was the banter between Sheriff Mills and Sam. Within a short span of time, the two seemed to be getting along like clockwork. With Bobby's death still fresh in their minds, the Winchester boys need some serious backup. The presence of a motherly figure like Jody Mills to help the boys is a sound move. I hope she sticks around for a while and this isn't just a short term thing. Her genuine affection for the two is obvious.

In typical Winchester style, Chronos was dealt with thanks to some perfect timing on both sides. I was a little puzzled that the God Of Time would go down so easily. I don't know, for some reason I thought Chronos would be a bigger, more powerful God than the one portrayed. How do you distinguish which God is powerful than the others? Chronos seemed to be less of a threat than many of the demons the boys have encountered.

Anyway, before his death, he did have a spine-chilling message for the boys, or so he thought. I mean honestly guys, Bobby's dead. I don't think Sam or Dean give a rat's ass what the future is supposed to be. The Winchesters have both literally been to hell and back. The future doesn't stand a chance.
Bring on the Leviathans!


- Dean's awesome streak continued with this episode. How hilarious was it to see all his "The Untouchables" references shot down??
- I thought Eliot's short speech for Dean was just the push he needed to snap out of his current state of mind and be focused on kicking some Leviathan ass! I know he appeared to be focused before, but there's a niggle somewhere that Dean needs to fix.
- I know Crowley promised to steer clear of the Winchesters, but seriously, what do demons do if they're not causing horror and devastation? It must get boring being cooped up in hell, with no one to terrorize.
- It's about time the boys figured out a concrete way to downright kill a Leviathan. Borax in itself seems to cripple them at best. Borax bullets maybe?? A borax bomb??

To quote Eliot Ness, it's time to punch the red tape with a silver bullet.
Things are about to get ugly. I can't wait!